Angels And Unicorns Podcast With Calista

How can we harness the healing powers of angels and unicorns? Are you a sceptic or do you believe?

In this fascinating podcast, Camilla talks to the inspirational author of The Female Archangel, Calista, about spiritual beings that may challenge the strongest of believers. As a former cancer research scientist, Calista now works as a spiritual teacher, helping us learn how to connect and call on angels and unicorns, and see their signs all around us. 

In this episode:

  • How to connect with different types of unicorns and your own unicorn guide 
  • The divine healing powers of female angels 
  • Spotting angel signs and calling upon their guidance 

If you’re sceptical then this episode is a must-listen! Are you ready to believe?

Meet the guest:

Calista’s scientific background entwined with her natural ability to work with angels since the tender age of six, has given her a unique approach to tuning into their powers. She’s been working with unicorns for more than a decade and believes that their magic is everywhere. Calista’s latest book, The Female Archangel looks at 11 of the most on-purpose angels to work with now to heal our sexuality and master manifestation, patience, courage and strength to live the life we want and return to pleasure, joy and freedom.




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