Are you spiritual? Ben Decker #18

Ben is a social activist, meditation teacher and entrepreneur. His love for meditation & the spiritual teachings of ancient traditions goes back to childhood.

Ben Decker is also the best selling author of Practical Meditation for Beginners, he's an activist, meditation teacher, and founder of the Fireside New World Religion Library in Los Angeles. He is author of three upcoming books including Meditations on Christ, A Year of Meditations, and Modern Spirituality.

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How to love your body with Mie Moltke #17

Divine Feminine,  Eating disorders and being in competition with ourselves is all part of what we discussed as I sat down with Mie Moltke and she spoke straight from the heart about her own challenges with body image earlier in her life. Mie is a former successful professional dancer and for many, she is known for Dancing with the stars in Denmark (Vild med Dans), in which she has been involved in since 2005. Now as an Author, coach and speaker Mie inspirers others through her FEMININE FLOW classes to fall in love with their bodies, she lives and breathes for movement, self-development and for joy, with a great curiosity for the divine feminine. She is teaching, inspiring and talking about how the body is a participant in all aspects of our lives - on the physical, mental and the soul and how you can move from hating your body to loving your body. 

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Dealing with the pain of loss Megan Monahan #16

Meditation teacher and author Megan Monahan is passionate about making meditation accessible and relatable. Her goal is to infuse a modern-day "realness" into the all too often esoteric landscape of meditation.

Since learning to meditate in 2009 with Deepak Chopra and becoming a Chopra certified instructor, she has taught thousands to meditate through her platform.

She works with brands like Lululemon, Unplug Meditation and Wanderlust and works with clients internationally, always bringing her spiritual real talk.

Her first book, Don't Hate, Meditate,was published this past June by Ten Speed Press!

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Keeping it real with Samuel Levi

Samuel Levi appeared on one of New Zealand's biggest reality shows, - "Married At First Sight" a show where complete strangers marry each other. In this Podcast Samuel talks about being openly gay in New Zealand, coming out to his friends and family and what happened to his life since "Married At first Sight." Find out more about Samuel click here



Jess Quinn, Just be you

"Every mountain we are given, every obstacle we have to side step or battle through is an opportunity for us to grow."

Jess Quinn lost her leg to bone cancer when she was just 9 years old. The cancer took more than just her leg, it robbed her of self-confidence, as a teenager she found herself tearfully asking "why me?" Despite huge challenges she became a finalist on New Zealand's "Dancing with the Stars". And a few months ago she delivered her powerful TEDx Talk in New Zealand. 

Jess Quinn is a role model to many and works with model agency Natural Models in Los Angeles. She has also been and ambassador with brands, such as Clinique and Les Mills, and launched her own website

A blueprint to find perfect love with Terri Cole

Terri Cole is a licensed psychotherapist, relationship expert and founder of the Terri Cole Real Love Revolution. She believes that you can actively attract the relationship you want and sustain healthy real love.

Freedom from the manipulative Narcissist with Melanie Tonia Evans

Melanie Tonia Evans kept getting trapped inside abusive relationships, one almost brought her to the brink of suicide. She discovered that both her abusers had traits of a Narcissistic Personality Disorder. Her inspirational story in this Podcast is not only one of survival but of thriving and breaking free.  To find out more click here

Relationship with the angels with Katy Sloane

Katy Sloane is an artist, Reiki Master and a mother who connects to angels in life and work. With her fascination of the angelic and the healing power of crystals she reveals how we can all believe in Angel Therapy and use it to protect ourselves in challenge.

Davidji THE Spiritual Warrior

Davidji can bring calm to your chaos in just 16 seconds.  In this episode I take a journey with Davidji that starts in the terrible aftermath of 9/11 and ends in a place of clarity and peace of mind. Davidji's knowledge is second to none when it comes to meditation and his humor and warmth makes it accessible to everyone. He is a fantastic author and a great teacher.