Using simple routines to unlock your potential – Kim Ingleby #26

In this episode we dive deep with author and mind body expert Kim Ingleby. Kim is a coach who has walked the walk and has worked and supported so Manu people and teams including Team GB Athletes, business leaders and multiple Gold Medalists. In todays chat, we discuss the mind body connection, mental health and why having a routine is vital to your well being and how it can help you navigate through the bigger challenges in life. Find out more about Kim here: Instagram @kimingleby Find out more about Camilla Sacre-Dallerup Instagram @camilladallerup 

Living Healthy – Lauren Rashap #25

Lauren's purpose is to help others make transformative changes to lead more vibrant, happier and healthier lives.  Lauren Living Healthy! was launched in 2010, after 15 years in private practice, to make more accessible her integrative nutrition and corporate wellness programs, private chef placement services, kitchen and home "green makeovers", yoga and mindfulness programs, hand-crafted skin care and gluten-free super foods snacks and sauces.
"Her protein bars are insanely delicious and her advice on zero waste in the kitchen is hughly inspirering. Lauren knows her stuff when it comes to transforming our lives through our diets" Camilla
Find out more about Lauren:  

Find inner peace with Jordana Reim #24

Jordana Reim truly believes that anyone can enjoy the benefits of meditation―they just need some guidance. She is the author of Inner Peace: A Guided Meditation Journal for Beginners - a meditation journal that shows you how to get the most out of meditation and achieve a newfound sense of peace and balance. Her own journey began with a plain white dinner plate and a panic attack far away from home, find out what happened in this Podcast. Find out more about Jordana's book here: Amazon Link (USA) About Jordana Reim has dedicated her life to expanding consciousness - her own, her community's, and humanity's.  She has spent the last decade refining her personal practice through travels and residencies at some of the most sacred and beautiful places on Earth including the islands of Thailand, ashrams of India and the Himalayas of Nepal and Bhutan. Her teachings seamlessly bridge the gap between ancient practice and modern day mindsets. In 2020 Jordana co-founded Peace Inside Live, a live and interactive platform for meditation, movement and mindfulness classes with students and teachers from around the world. Host Camilla Sacre-Dallerup Instagram @camilladallerup    

The gift of sensitivity with Mel Collins #23

My guest today Mel Collins spent two thirds of her life hiding her gifts and covering up her sensitivity, mainly because those around her didn't understand her sensitivity trait or the unseen world of Spirit. But that trait is actually a gift that empowers, in this Podcast Mel brings an insight on what it is to be sensitive. Find out more about Mel:  

What do your dreams mean – Theresa Cheung #22

Author of 100 books, all round fascinating human being and know as the dream expert, todays guest is Theresa Cheung. We are diving in to the realm of DREAMS and it's a good one. Theresa believes that dreams are universal, and every culture throughout history has tried to unlock the secrets of the unconscious mind through the interpretation of dreams.  Her book The Dream Dictionary from A to Z will help you unlock the secrets of your dreams and a fabulous edition to your bedside table. A must listen podcast if you have been wondering what your dreams mean and how to interpret your them as Theresa shares her wisdom with us. I can honestly say I have not slept the same since my chat with Theresa, I find myself looking forward to going to sleep every night  and explore what guidance I will find in my dreams! Find out more about Theresa: Instagram @Theresa_cheung_author Find out more about Camilla Sacre-Dallerup Instagram @camilladallerup  

Christine Upchurch #21

In this Episode we talk about how we all have energy feelings and the downside to seeking, with Christine Upchurch who is an award winning leader, best-selling author, and TEDex speaker, she is also the creator of "The Vibration of Change" The ​Vibration of Change is that magical place where life shifts from struggle to ease, from stagnation to forward movement, from old ways of being to new ways of becoming. Find out more about Christine:  

The lightning process with Jodie Goss #20

Jodie Goss knows what it's like to feel stuck and overwhelmed in the pursuit of getting your health back on track. She is only one of two practitioners in the USA of 'The Lightning Process®' a life changing training program that teaches you how to change the way your mind and body are interacting. Over the last 20 years, the LP has delivered amazing results in resolving a huge range of chronic illnesses for over 25,000 people across the world. To find out more about the process and Jodie:  

Spiritual Trailblazer and best selling author – Calista #19

Calista is a best-selling Hay House author of Unicorn Rising, international speaker of all things ascension-based and a kundalini yogi mama. In this Podcast we are on a magical journey that includes Unicorn healing and meditation Find out more about Calista's soul sessions and meditations:  

Are you spiritual? Ben Decker #18

Ben is a social activist, meditation teacher and entrepreneur. His love for meditation & the spiritual teachings of ancient traditions goes back to childhood. Ben Decker is also the best selling author of Practical Meditation for Beginners, he's an activist, meditation teacher, and founder of the Fireside New World Religion Library in Los Angeles. He is author of three upcoming books including Meditations on Christ, A Year of Meditations, and Modern Spirituality. Find out more about Ben here: Get social with me: