Easy Ways To Feel Connected When You’re on Lockdown

It’s really easy, when we are now at home so much, to focus on the connections and things we don’t have, like other people’s company or as much money, perhaps. It’s therefore vital, more than ever, for us to stay present in the moment, because a lot of the stress and fear that we’re experiencing has a lot to do with us worrying about what might happen in a week or a month’s time. Isn’t it ironic then that 85% of the things we worry about don’t actually happen? When you consider this fact, it’s important that we really stay present to get us through. So, how can we do this?

In this fascinating feature, Easy Ways to Feel Connected When You’re On Lockdown for Be Kind magazine, Camilla explores a number of powerful techniques and approaches: 

  • Practising gratitude and positivity
  • Getting curious and finding purpose
  • Easy conversation starters
  • The art of communication
  • Switching your response

Read the full feature – Easy Ways to Feel Connected When You’re On Lockdown – in the May 2020 issue of Be Kind magazine. The May issue is free to read and download here.


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