Book: It's not you it's me

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In her third groundbreaking bestseller, Camilla explores the everyday relationships so many of us (perhaps not always admittedly!) struggle with. Here, Camilla encourages us, first and foremost, to look inwards so that we can learn to break long-term negative cycles and take control of our lives.

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Taking the reader on an inspiring journey of self-discovery, chapter by chapter, Camilla focuses on four key principles:

Using targeted questions, practical exercises and proven techniques, she will steadily guide you through the programme (which also comes with a FREE online meditation album), helping you to create a loving relationship with yourself and others. 

“Whether we’re having problems with a partner, a colleague or a friend, we can be very quick to feel wronged and apportion blame,” says Camilla. “But you know what the secret to a happy relationship is? It’s a little thing called self-love.”

It’s Not You, It’s Me is a powerful tool for unblocking repeated, detrimental patterns in the relationships closest to you , helping you to align yourself internally with what you want to attract externally. The book carries a warning too: it will make you fall deeply in love – with yourself!

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