Detox your life LA yoga magazine

When LA yoga magazine asked me to elaborate on the Nurture chapter in my book “Reinvent ME” I jumped at the chance, as I truly believe detoxifying our lives to live in line with what we are trying to achieve is vital.

There is more to detoxification than doing a juice cleanse. A full program during which you can detox your life includes being mindful of what we surround ourselves with–such as our thoughts and our environment.

We schedule our yoga classes, spinning, workout, our meditation and we feel great for an hour or more. We think, “That’s done, I can now carry on with my 14-hour day.” Hang on, what about the thoughts we allow to poison our minds for the rest of the day? Or, the hours spent on social media comparing ourselves to others until we feel depleted? And then, the hours we spend listening to friends telling us the same sad or upsetting news over and over again….

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