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16th Dec Nov 8pm Meditation magic, Reiki, Sound, Crystals UNPLUG MEDITATION LA


I’m so excited about my collaboration with the wonderful Andrew Clarke from 1111vibe, his sound baths are one of my favorite things to go to myself on a day off. So you can imagine how excited I was when our schedules finally aligned and we decided to throw all our favorite things into one workshop and then realized that the day we “randomly” picked was of course on the day of the new moon……..I’m calling that the universe aligning with this collaboration for everyone to have an awesome new moon intent setting meditation. If you want to set your intentions, meditate and raise your vibration to the healing sounds of the bowls and relax deeply with help from the crystals and reiki this workshop is for you.

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This new crystal + sound collaboration is for deep mind and body healing and a real sense of nurturing your soul. Let the magical vibrations of hand-placed crystals and sound waves ground, harmonize and uplift. This is a perfect opportunity to let go of stagnant energy and ignite your flow. Rest and renew in sublime vibrations from Andrew and myself unite for this signature Unplug Soul Care event.

Look forward to seeing you Saturday!

Unplug Meditation, Wilshire blvd. Sat 18th Nov 8pm


Camilla xoxo


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