An increasing number of us are looking to create a more mindful life. Camilla is passionate about helping people to fulfil this dream.

Camilla’s mission is help the world share more beautiful, mindful and engaging experiences. Mindful Living coaching really helps with this by combining practical and spiritual tools, helping us to interact with the incredible world that surrounds us.

There are many different ways of experiencing Mindful living, including:


Walk & Talk Mindful Coaching

One-on-one or group hikes create an easy and relaxed setting to discuss the trials and tribulations of everyday life. Chatting through techniques to learn and let go, Camilla teaches mindfulness tools to connect you to nature, and help you to be more present in the moment.

House Cleansing

House cleansing is a powerful way to bring mindfulness into your home, and create a peaceful environment to supports this.

Sage and house cleansing can also include creating a mindful and balanced home using crystals or creating a Zen space in your home and/or garden for meditation.

Mindfulness Meditation and Crystal Home Parties

Fancy a different kind of birthday party? Looking for a more mindful way to hang with your friends?

Let us help you create a meditative experience in your home or garden bringing the Zen to you.

From guided imagery to Reiki or group crystal meditations for your home, garden or business – Camilla can devising a plan to fit your unique needs. Together we’ll help you create a wonderful and enjoyable experience for your friends or family.

Camilla tailor-makes mindful living experiences to suit each of her client’s needs. Please get in touch to find out more.