21-Day Meditation Experience

Welcome to 21-Day Meditation Experience

Ready to create a healthy habit? The 21 day experience is created especially so you can feel supported on your meditation journey! Let’s begin

Day 1 of 21

Intention setting

Setting your intent, first thing in the morning, is like entering a destination into your internal navigation system; once set, it becomes clear what steps you need to take during the day to align you with your intention. Today, set your intention for this meditation challenge, or for your day ahead.

Day 2 of 21

4x4 square breathing

This is a powerful breathing exercise also known as ‘box breathing’. It’s a super-helpful tool to have up your sleeve, especially if you are struggling with anxiety, panic attacks or stress. It will help to calm your nervous system and relax your body. I share this simple exercise with everyone I work with, and have seen amazing results from clients who incorporate it into their daily lives.

Day 3 of 21

Show some gratitude

Listing everything you are grateful for is a quick and easy way to boost and uplift your mood. It also invites a positive vibe, if you are feeling down. Research by University California Berkeley has found that feelings of gratitude can have a lasting and positive effect on the brain, and that having a gratitude practices can help with learning and decision making. Try starting your day with ‘I am grateful for my family/my health/my home’ or whatever is close to your heart, for an instant dose of positivity.

Day 4 of 21

Let the thoughts pass

Remember, as a child, lying on the ground, looking up to the sky and watching the clouds drift away? Today, we are going to do something similar - we are going to visualize. Imagine that the clouds are representing our thoughts and that we can let them drift on by and that we choose how much attention we give them and how easily we let them pass. This practice will help you relax deeper as you become to observer of your own thoughts.

Day 5 of 21

MorningSelf-care ritual

Isn’t it interesting that we ask other people how they are all day long, yet we often forget to ask ourselves? It’s as if we don’t even have time to do so! However, asking yourself first - before you reach for your phone first thing - and making it a part of your morning routine is a wonderful self-care practice. Get into the habit of doing this every morning - it doesn’t need to take long, but it could have a profound effect on your day!

Day 6 of 21

Smiling is contagious 

Yes, I know this may sound silly! However, it really is quite brilliant. Numerous studies have shown that when we smile, our body releases endorphins and serotonin, and these chemicals can boost your mood. What’s not to smile about?

Day 7 of 21

Mindfulness meditation

As human beings, we love to label our thoughts and we do this almost as soon as they pop into our head. Does this make me feel uncomfortable? Does this make me feel sad? Sometimes, especially with negative thoughts, we can dive straight into a rabbit hole and find ourselves in a downward spiral, with one negative thought running into the next. But this can happen with positive thoughts that make us feel good, too. To tackle how we label our thoughts, today we are going to practise a mindful exercise by taking inspiration from a buddhist meditation called Vedana.

Day 8 of 21

Powerful Mantra

Today’s meditation is a favorite of mine. If you are new to using mantras in meditation, let me explain how and why mantras can be hugely helpful. Mantra means ‘mind vehicle’ and is a word or sound repeated to help with concentration. Using Sanskrit words such as the ones we are using today (which are ‘So Hum’ rather than words we know), means that our mind isn’t trying to make sense of the words but instead just using them as a point of focus which allows you tp relax deeper in the moment. Quiet the mind with the the sound of ‘So Hum’.

Day 9 of 21

Exhale your stress away with this Diaphragmatic breathing

This meditation is also known as belly breathing and is a beautiful way of arriving home to the breath and body. When we feel stressed and overwhelmed, the breath can become shallow; through this exercise you’ll give yourself the opportunity to breathe more deeply again and to feel connected. Research shows so many benefits that are associated with this meditation technique, incl lowering stress and stress hormone cortisol in the body, it helps you cope better with PTST and lowering the heart rate just to mention a few and it’s one you can come back to again and again, especially when you feel like everything is out of control in your life, you can take control over your breath and let it guide you to calmness within.

Day 10 of 21

Drop into the Heart and feel your way through it

Today we are tuning into what some like to consider our second brain: our heart. In this meditation, instead of working things out in our mind we are going to drop into our heart and FEEL the guidance here. We often have the answers we are looking for outside of ourselves right here within us, when we dare to get quiet enough to listen.

Day 11 of 21

‘I am’ meditation

In today’s meditation, we are making the words ‘I am’ our focus. You will notice, as you repeat the words silently in your mind, how your mind wants to finish the sentence. You can either just observe the words that come up, or you can choose a word for today’s meditation such as energized, confident or calm and so on. Whatever word feels aligned with you, chose one or a few to work with today.

Day 12 of 21

I am present now

One of the things meditation practice brings with it is the ability to be more present -  not just whilst meditating but for long afterwards. In today’s practice, we are going to stay in this moment and really feel what being fully present means to us and how it supports us.

Day 13 of 21

Surrender meditation

Today’s meditation is a meditation of surrender. Surrender does not mean giving up! It can mean to surrender to the universe or oneness, whatever is too big for us to carry on our own, and let ourselves be guided instead.

Day 14 of 21

Affirmation meditation

Positive affirmations are more than just fluffy, happy words that we repeat. They are statements that can work as a direct order to our subconscious mind and can be incredibly empowering for both the conscious and subconscious mind. Today we will focus on positive statements to boost our self-worth.

Day 15 of 21

Let the stress go

Today’s meditation is a visualisation. Many people find these very helpful because we allow our minds to create positive images that can help support us in our everyday lives. Here, we will focus on letting go of the thoughts, stress or tension that are no longer serving us as you imaging walking through a park and letting the leaves fall from the trees representing your thoughts in your mind as you let them go one by one, leaf by leaf.

Day 16 of 21

Loving kindness meditation

This is a traditional mindfulness meditation and today we will practice a highly effective version of it. Practicing loving kindness helps us to have more empathy for ourselves and others, and doing so regularly will help you to not be so reactive but rather to be able to consider your response from a place of empathy.

Day 17 of 21

Get into the flow of life

Water is widely acknowledged to have a calming effect on our mind and body. In this visualisation, we will practice letting go and easing into a relaxing state as you imagine floating down a gentle river on a wooden raft, feeling weightless and free.

Day 18 of 21

Chakra meditation

Today’s meditation is all about connecting to the energy fields in the body, also known as chakras. You’ll be guided through the seven main chakras in order to balance and realign your energies. Chakras are thought of as spinning discs of energy in our body and when they are all spinning in the same direction and at the same rate, they are aligned and we feel balanced. A color, a sound and an element is connected to each chakra, but today we will just focus on the color. It doesn’t matter if you see the color I mention, or a different color, or no color at all - everyone visualizes in different ways and not everyone sees a color. You will go on the journey that’s right for you. If you enjoy this Chakra meditation and you want to try a LIVE version of my signature Reiki & Chakra balancing meditation class, you can join me Unplug Meditation in person or online and if you are new to the studio send us an email info@zenme.tv and request to be my guest to try it for FREE. The class is every Saturday 11.30am (PST)

Day 19 of 21

Plant a seed

As we learnt earlier on in the challenge, setting an intention is extremely powerful, so here is  another chance to practice a longer intention-setting meditation. This is a guided, deep meditation that can also be used for goal setting. As I guide you through, you will plant a seed of intention in the garden of opportunity and create a peaceful place for manifesting which you can return to again and again.

Day 20 of 21

Deep relaxation

This guided meditation is a variation of the ‘body scan’. It’s a deeply relaxing practice that can be used daily and before sleeping to let go of the day and prepare the body for a restful sleep. You can hold tension and stress in the body without even realizing it, and scanning through the body in meditation gives you a chance to tune in and let go of any such feelings.

Day 21 of 21

Celebrating YOU

It’s day 21! Today, we don’t just celebrate the fact that you have completed this fantastic 21-day meditation experience, we celebrate YOU and how you’ve created an amazing positive habit for yourself. By making meditation a part of your day, and saying YES to self-care and taken time to nurture YOU which is also and act of self-love. It’s widely believed that it can take anything from 18 to 254 days to form  a new habit, so you are well on your way to a calmer and happier you. Today, let’s celebrate by focusing on everything that makes you YOU and remember - we all matter in this world!

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