All about energy – podcast

Listen to the latest episode of the shelf help club podcast.

In this enlightening podcast, you’ll hear a conversation between two self-help super nerds, Toni and I about movement, mental health, and maybe a little bit of woo.

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In this episode we discuss:

1 How I have created a kind and loving relationship to my Self and my body since retiring from dancing.
2 How mental health became a priority in my 40s.
3 Overcoming overwhelm: “When squeezed for time, start with one manageable activity for self-care, like a 10-minute stretch or walk.”
4 Movement as self-care: “Moving your body is a powerful tool for self-care; it’s a form of meditation in motion.”
5 The joy of Pickleball.
6 Overcoming Guilt: “Many struggle with guilt when prioritising self-care, but it’s essential to push through and make time for yourself. You might have to do it guilty to start with

I hope you enjoy it!


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