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Let the light in!

If you love a spiritual chat grab a cuppa and tune into this fascinating chat I had with Julie and Dina on their podcast Weaving the light.

In the chat with Julie O’Connell and Dina Koutas

Some of  the highlights are:

•It’s important to hold space for yourself when you are holding space for others.  

•Modeling behavior, walking the walk, can show others what is possible.

•Spending time outdoors and connecting to nature is soul-changing and can connect you to your spiritual path.

•Curiosity and connection for something bigger creates a desire to learning discipline in mindset. Visualization being a powerful tool for manifesting.

•”Don’t carry yesterday into today, even if someone was wrong or hurt you” 

•We have a choice, it’s like luggage. We can put the bag down.

•When your career becomes your identity…

•When you wake up one day and you are no longer in love with the dream that had meant everything to you.

•The importance of tenacity.

•If we are trained to believe something, our brain looks for confirmation all around us to prove our beliefs are right.

•0-7 subconscious mind and triggers and reactions.

•”I am.” It ends and begins with I am of the sovereign self.

•Journaling is like active meditation and self-awareness and self-love.



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