How to stay calm at Christmas (and beyond!)

Calming meditations for Christmas

With the festive season now in full swing, are you feeling in complete control or a little frazzled around the edges? If it’s the latter, trust me, you’re not alone. 

This time of year is busier than usual for many of us, whether it’s getting work finished up before the Christmas break, shopping for gifts and food for the big day, or cramming in more social events than you can shake your tinsel at. 

When you feel like you’re constantly on high alert and your stress levels are in overdrive, being able to relax might feel impossible. However, there are some super-simple ways to relieve the pressure and beat the overwhelm. 

In my article for Health & Wellbeing, I’ve outlined these in more detail – you can read the full article here.

Ready to try a calming meditation with me right now? 

Click here to meditate.

I hope you find all of these tools helpful not only during this busy time of year, but at any time you need. 

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