How to Heal Yourself with Hypnosis and Start Your Reinvention

If you’re feeling stuck or experiencing a recurring issue that you just can’t seem to resolve, there may be patterns running in your subconscious mind that are blocking you in some way.

These patterns may have been created from past situations or trauma, but since the subconscious runs our lives 95% of the time, it’s vital to make sure that the ‘software’ running here is up to date and serving you in the best way possible!

Hypnosis is one of the most powerful mindtools I use with my clients every day to rewire those thought patterns, and this topic is one of several discussed when I joined the latest episode of The Beautiful Grit podcast by healer and breath-work coach Gwen Dittmar.

In the episode we cover: 

  • The healing power of visualization and hypnosis
  • How winning on the outside helped me learn how to win on the inside
  • Normalizing the grief we feel at the top of our game when we know it’s time to change
  • How to move through the process of denial to acceptance when reinventing ourselves
  • Creating a team for your mind, heart and somatic nervous system, as you heal
  • The challenges of changing direction when we are in survival mode 
  • Listening to the calling of ‘coming back home to yourself’


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I hope you enjoy this episode. If you’d like to learn more about coaching with my 7-system Mind Method, including hypnosis, visualization and many more powerful mindtools, please visit Zenme or get in touch at


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