Navigating College sober

Choosing to be sober at college!

Is sober the new cool? It may not be the norm yet. However, I’m noticing a trend starting amongst my clients, and they are starting to choose differently. Making choices that support their overall wellness. In my humble opinion, it’s super cool, especially if it means choosing a route that says wellness and stands for taking care of your own mental health!

In this chat, Brandon Senia shares how choosing to become sober in College and implementing tools and routines to help him feel good emotionally helped him easily transition from college into his first job. It’s an honest chat about his challenges, how he navigated through them, and how consistency, meditation, and coaching helped him calm the anxiety and gain clarity and confidence.
Working with College students and watching them gain confidence and calmness through the use of mindtools and meditation is so rewarding to me as a life coach. To be able to provide the tools I could have used when I was their age feels like very important work to me and a great way to be of service in this world.

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