Enjoy This New Year Meditation Ritual

As we look to welcome in 2022, it marks a poignant time for us to reflect on the past year. Is there something you’d like to release that no longer serves you, perhaps? Maybe there is a significant life tool or discovery that you can draw on and carry into the New Year? What could be your focus for 2022?

To support and guide you during this transition, I’ve created a special New Year meditation ritual, which I hope you’ll find comforting and uplifting as you release past tensions and embrace new beginnings. 

  1. On December 31st, set aside some time and find a quiet space to go within and meditate with this special recording I’ve made for you.
  2. Light a candle and place it in front of you (somewhere safe). I love lighting a candle when I meditate because the act of lighting a candle symbolizes bringing light to our wishes and desires, and it can also feel very cleansing.
  3. Click the meditation and enjoy.
  4. Have a pen and paper, or your journal, ready to write down some intentions for 2022.

May this New Year ritual provide you with a loving start to 2022!

Image courtesy of Unsplash


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