Full moon meditation: let go and find inner peace

As the final full moon of the year – the cold moon – brightens our skies this December, it’s a poignant time to look back and reflect on the past year’s events, discoveries and learnings.

Also known as the Long Night’s Moon and the Moon Before Yule, this particular full moon appears high above our horizon for a long time as it sits opposite a low sun. If you are looking to release anything from this year, this beautiful full moon meditation will help you do just that in a loving and nurturing way. Likewise, you can practice it during any other full moon when you feel the need to let go of something you may be holding onto.

This year, the cold moon is at its peak at 8:35pm PST on 18th December and at 4:35am GMT on 19th December. Simply clear your schedule for the evening, find a quiet space and get comfortable!

1 Light a candle and place in front of you (somewhere safe)

2 On a piece of paper, write down: ‘With this full moon, I release…’ then write down what that might be (a feeling such as frustration or fear, or a relationship issue etc)

3 Now, rip up the piece of paper and blow out the candle

I hope you enjoy this full moon meditation and it brings you clarity, calm and inner peace!

Image courtesy of Unsplash


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