The mind-blowing power of energy art

If you’ve never heard of energy art (also known as intuitive art), or have been intrigued by the process, let me tell you, it’s absolutely fascinating!

Intuitive artist and author Vicky Paul recently created a magical soul portrait for me and the process – and result – was incredible. 

In a captivating interview with Vicky, she reveals the process of creating these uniquely individual works of art by tapping into her subjects’ energies from past, present and future, which she sees in colours, shapes and patterns. 

Working off the ancient system of Hebrew numerology and the creation theory that sound is energy, Vicky harnesses this energy through the different letters of her clients’ birth names, (which possess their energetic intentions for this lifetime), and their challenges, gifts and talents, and goals.

“[Through a soul portrait] I’m able to access that information and help you reconnect with it,” says Vicky. 

To learn more about how Vicky creates these phenomenal portraits, you can watch the interview here

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