Burn From Within Podcast With Matt Garrow-Fisher: Get Your Ego In Check

Recognising your ego in your career and life and having the discipline to keep it in check to really be who you truly are – not what is expected of you – is a powerful part of self-discovery.

In this uplifting and inspiring interview by career transition coach Matt Garrow-Fisher, we discuss the life-changing impact of my career burnout, the sacrifices I made during my career transition and the risks I took to pursue what I really wanted in life. 

In this episode you’ll also discover:

  • What steps you can take to make those first changes
  • The power and meaning of reinvention  
  • Why letting go of your ego to be true to yourself will feed your soul
  • Practical ways to manage big life changes
  • The importance of self-love in your reinvention journey
  • Easy tools you can use to connect with yourself

And much more!

Listen to the podcast episode here

For more information about career transition coach Matt Garrow-Fisher, visit burnfromwithin.com.

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