Earthing: Mother Nature’s therapy in your own back garden

I’m studying with Chopra at the moment, delving deeper into the mind-body connection and exploring different ways to balance our bodies. Something I’m completely fascinated about right now is the power of earthing; I spent over an hour walking barefoot on grass the other day reconnecting with the earth and decompressing and, wow, did I feel incredible afterwards! You know that wonderful ‘holiday feeling’ you get after a break away? That’s exactly what I experienced after a session of earthing.

Buzzing from this restorative encounter with Mother Nature, I wanted to share with you some background to this wonderful practice, which I hope you’ll embrace as warmly as I have. And it’s so easy to do.

In its simplest terms, earthing (also referred to as grounding) is the therapeutic practise of connecting our bare skin with the planet’s natural energy. It lies in the spiritual – and scientifically supported – belief that when our electrically-charged bodies connect directly with the earth, its infinite supply of negatively-charged free electrons in the ground neutralise free radicals and can bring us a whole host of health benefits, from reduced inflammation to better sleep.

As human beings, a positive electrical charge (in the form of free radicals) can build up in our bodies over time, owing to things like increased urban living and wearing rubber-soled shoes. 

Pollution, pesticides, tobacco smoke, alcohol and even the sun’s rays can contribute to the build-up of these free radicals in the body and this build-up can play havoc with our immune system, notably contributing to chronic inflammation, which underlies a vast number of health disorders. 

As the earth is conductive and free electrons in the ground are mildly, negatively charged, when we are earthed, electrons can move freely between the earth and our body, discharging these harmful free radicals, restoring balance and, it is thought, reducing (and even preventing) inflammation. Regular earthing has been found to promote positive self-healing and self-regulation mechanisms in the body but, according to earthing studies, it’s important to remember that reduced pain is only evidence of reduced inflammation, rather than proof.

Earthing is also thought to:

  • Reduce inflammation, often the underlying root of many health conditions, from arthritis through to muscle soreness
  • Help you de-stress and feel calmer
  • Promote better sleep and increased energy 
  • Combat anxiety and depression
  • Improve blood viscosity and encourage increased blood flow  

If you’re, by now, as fascinated about earthing as me, why not try it today or this weekend? It’s the simplest, most effective way to reconnect with the planet and support your wellbeing. Natural therapy that’s absolutely FREE? What’s not to love?

How to practise earthing (grounding) and reconnect:

  • Earthing works best when the surface you’re connecting with is damp as water is a brilliant conductor
  • You’ll find the most concentrated number of conductive nerve endings in your feet, so kick off those socks and shoes!
  • Stand, sit or walk barefoot on grass, soil, sand or concrete, which are all conductive, and provide the best means of harnessing the earth’s energy
  • Do this for at least half an hour, reconnecting with the earth as its electrons neutralise the free radicals in your body and the healing process can begin

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