Camilla meets Deborah Kobylt – let’s talk about self-love

When we heal the relationship with ourselves, it can help us to heal the relationships around us, or move on from the relationships we are meant to move on from.

In this captivating interview by award-winning CNN journalist Deborah Kobylt, I uncover some practical – and effective – mind tools that we can all use in our own time to help us deal with the roadblocks in our lives.

During this 45-minute discussion, you’ll discover:

  • My top tip for picking yourself up off the floor following a relationship break-up
  • How hypnosis can bypass the conscious mind in order to talk to the subconscious for healing to begin
  • The importance of self-awareness and how to identify your triggers 
  • The meaning of self-love and how to nurture your most important relationship – the one with yourself!
  • Two key, practical self-love exercises tools you can start using straight away!
  • The benefits of accepting where we are at and accepting ourselves fully
  • How NLP can help you banish limited beliefs and create a new narrative to support you better
  • How to harness meditation to work with the space between your thoughts
  • Why chakra balancing will enable your body to speak to your mind more clearly 

And much more!

Packed full of practical mind tool takeaways, you may mistake this interview for a coaching workshop! I hope you enjoy it. 

Click here to learn more about my self-love book, It’s Not You, It’s Me.


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