3 ways to keep calm when working from home

You may have left the office behind when the pandemic struck in 2020, but can you say the same for those daily work stresses? 

Here are three ways to restore calm at your desk when you’re feeling a little frazzled:

Breathe squarely

The calming exercise, Square Breathing, is a quick and clever tool you can use in many scenarios – prepare to de-stress in minutes.

  1.  Count to four as you inhale then hold your breath for four counts.
  2. Exhale for four and again hold your breath four counts. 
  3.  Repeat this until you notice your nervous system starting to relax (take as long as you need). Doing this for 3-5 minutes each day is a powerful way to lower your stress level.

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Be more mindful

This Buddhist practice called Vedana will help you to accept feelings rather than fight them and ultimately find peace with them. Meditate for however long feels right for you, starting with 3-5 minutes (set an alarm or put on a relaxing tune if that works better for you). Relax and gently breathe in and out.

  1. Allow thoughts to come up to the surface and acknowledge them without attaching yourself to them. Then label them in your mind with one of three words: pleasant, unpleasant or neutral.
  2. Then bring your focus back to your breath. When another thought or feeling arises, observe it and label it in the same way as in step 1. Continue to do so throughout the meditation.

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