How to make the spiritual law of giving and receiving work for you

We’ve all heard the phrase ‘A bit of give and take’ and we understand what it means in everyday life. However, paying more attention to the ‘give’ part could help you see meaningful and positive changes in the areas that you may be finding less than joyful.

Ask yourself these questions: are you stuck in a thought pattern where you’re constantly wondering what you NEED and WANT in your life, in your relationships or in your career? Do you often ask yourself if those things will ever arrive?

Even when you’ve become confident or comfortable communicating your needs, do you feel like they’re still not being met yet?

This is where the spiritual law of giving and receiving comes in.

Rather than asking yourself ‘What do I need and want?’ instead try asking ‘What can I give?’ When we activate the spiritual law of giving and receiving from an authentic place within, it unlocks the flow of giving and receiving in your life. Not quite convinced? Let’s explore a little deeper.

Often, when we’re super-focused or develop tunnel vision about something we think we want or need, we can become closed off to the idea that we actually also have a lot to give and share with the world. It’s easy to put others on a pedestal and think they don’t need help or support but usually they will welcome it.

I’m not necessarily talking about money here (although for some that is their chosen form of giving). There are many different ways to give without having to part with any cash! The point is when you give your time, attention, care, knowledge, support or help to someone else, energetically, you will get in your flow to receive too.

Of course, we don’t all give to receive but rather because it feels good and of service in some way. When you give, you are reminded that for anything to flow your way there has to be balance between giving and receiving, just like our breath reminds us of that constantly! Be mindful of the law of giving and receiving too; it’s important that you give in a way that is from your soul and heart, and not so it will deplete you or undervalue you. You will know what giving looks like for you when you tune into these questions:

‘What can I give?’ and ‘Where can I give?’

Really notice the answers that flow through your mind as you ask this. It might be giving time to someone without any expectations, or offering business advice to someone who you know might need it. Or, it could be a simple phone call to a friend, just because. What can you give?

It’s magical to watch how we unlock our flow when we switch it up from need and want to give. Let me know how you get on!

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