Find inner peace with Jordana Reim #24

Jordana Reim truly believes that anyone can enjoy the benefits of meditation―they just need some guidance. She is the author of Inner Peace: A Guided Meditation Journal for Beginners – a meditation journal that shows you how to get the most out of meditation and achieve a newfound sense of peace and balance. Her own journey began with a plain white dinner plate and a panic attack far away from home, find out what happened in this Podcast.

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Jordana Reim has dedicated her life to expanding consciousness – her own, her community’s, and humanity’s.  She has spent the last decade refining her personal practice through travels and residencies at some of the most sacred and beautiful places on Earth including the islands of Thailand, ashrams of India and the Himalayas of Nepal and Bhutan.

Her teachings seamlessly bridge the gap between ancient practice and modern day mindsets. In 2020 Jordana co-founded Peace Inside Live, a live and interactive platform for meditation, movement and mindfulness classes with students and teachers from around the world.


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