IMPODSTER Syndrome Podcast with Nick Ede

Do you sometimes feel like other people know more than you do? Even though you’re knowledgeable in your field or at the top of your game? Often, when we feel like an imposter, it might actually mean we are feeling insecure about ourselves, or doubting ourselves and our self-worth, and presume that other people know more than we do. This insightful episode for the ImPODster Syndrome podcast sees host and PR guru Nick Ede discuss with Camilla why we experience such fears and how they can be conquered!

In this episode:

  • Overcoming self-doubt and knowing you’re enough 
  • Key mind tools to overwrite negative behavioural patterns
  • Trusting in your wisdom and knowledge

Meet the maker:

Nick Ede is a PR and brand consultant, pop culture expert and a television presenter. He presents the ImPODster Syndrome podcast discussing social anxiety syndrome – better known as imposter syndrome – with his guests, often those working in the public eye. Each week, they explore the reasons behind why we might feel unable to accept our successes, or question our achievements, and look at ways to override these fears we can create for ourselves. You can follow Nick on Instagram @nickede



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