Learn to Love Yourself in Just 10 Days!

Do you want to have loving, kind and respectful relationships with your partner, friends and family? Would you like to attract positive and loving relationships into your life? If your answer is ‘YES!’ then we must first look inwards and create that kind of relationship with ourselves. 

This belief lies at the heart of my easy-to-follow, 10-day  Learn To Love Yourself course which, using powerful mind techniques and tools, will help you to nurture your greatest love affair of all – the one with yourself! 

If you’re ready to forgive, discover self-compassion and look deep within yourself to unleash your inner love then this Learn To Love Yourself course is for you.  

Throughout the course you will:

  • Raise your awareness to ingrained, negative thought patterns standing in the way of loving yourself fully
  • Learn how to switch from a lack mindset to a loving one of abundance
  • Move to a place where you feel worthy, enough and loved

The course also provides:

  • Powerful guided visualisations and meditations 
  • Effective reframing techniques
  • Love-manifesting mantras and affirmations
  • Healing chakra work 

I believe that self-love works like a magnet – when you truly love yourself you start to attract different relationships into your life. You begin to look at things from a place of hope where you can believe that you, like anyone, deserves to feel great love from the inside out.

Ready to love yourself? Click here to get started!

*My 10-day Learn to Love Yourself course is available on the Insight Timer app now.



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