Decoding Dreams Podcast With Theresa Cheung

If you’ve ever woken up remembering a dream and wondered what it could have meant or signified then this podcast episode is for you.

Dreams expert and international spiritual author Theresa Cheung is Camilla’s guest for this insightful discussion about the power of understanding dreams that call out to us and demand our attention! Combining years of academic study with research from paranormal scientists and scientifically-validated psychics and mediums, Theresa continues to learn about the psychic world with every book she writes, aiming to prove that there is more to this life than the material. Through the dreaming mind, she believes that there is infinite possibility where true healing can be achieved.

In this episode

  • The therapeutic benefits of lucid dreaming
  • The intuitive power of night visions
  • How to recall a dream when you wake up

Our minds are officially blown with this one. Going to bed just hasn’t been the same ever since we recorded this conversation – every night it’s exciting to fall asleep! So, sit back, relax and prepare for an episode that will leave you wanting to go to bed right now!

Meet the guest:

Theresa is a Sunday Times best-selling spiritual author and host of the White Shores podcast. Her books, which include The Dream Dictionary From A-Z, The Premonition Code and The Element Encyclopedia of 20,000 Dreams, explore not just the meaning of dreams but also their capacity to heal and even unlock insights into your own future. Theresa is a regular media commentator and champions the closing gap between science and spirituality.

To find out more about Theresa visit and you can follow her via her author pages on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.


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