Here’s Why A Sound Bath Is Your New Wellbeing Hero

How a sound bath can support your meditation practise and emotional wellbeing

If a sound bath conjures up images of sitting in warm water as gentle music plays, think again. This traditional relaxation and meditative practise – where participants ‘bathe’ in healing sound waves – has deep, cultural roots spanning ancient Greek flutes and therapeutic music to Tibetan singing bowls and Aboriginal didgeridoos. Fast forward to modern day wellness and the restorative powers of sound baths have gained a considerable global following. They harness a combination of specific vibrations and frequencies emitted from instruments such as crystal singing bowls, chimes, drums and gongs, which studies have found can activate our body’s natural healing systems and assist all manner of health conditions, including high blood pressure, anxiety and digestive problems. 

Pretty amazing, right? We think so! Here, we explain what you can expect from a typical sound bath and how you could benefit from this extraordinary therapeutic practise.

Can a sound bath be a healing experience?

Well, we’ve mentioned a few common physical and mental health issues that sound baths can support, and the benefits don’t stop there. They have been found to bring about better focus and clarity. They can help to induce sleep and ramp up energy, and research has shown that they can even stimulate our circulation and immune system. They’re deeply calming and relaxing (for both sides of the brain) and they can also help to balance our chakras, the energy fields in our body.

When it comes to practising self-care, a sound bath is an exceptional and loving way to show some kindness to your body and mind. Just lean back, relax and let the sound waves help you release any stagnant energy and emotional stress (such as anger and sadness) that may be causing an energetic blockage in your body. During the process, your circulation may be stimulated and your immune system boosted all while you simply relax. It’s one of those experiences that just has to be felt!

We often hear from clients who struggle with insomnia that our sound baths have helped them to sleep better and likewise those participants battling anxiety issues find that our sound baths provide them with instant calm and relaxation. The vibrations from some of the bowls can create a binaural beat, which is where the brain interprets the differing frequency tones independently received by the left and right ear as one tone. This binaural beat helps the mind shift into the deeply relaxing ‘theta’ state, that lovely relaxing sweet spot that occurs just before you fall asleep. It’s simply blissful to relax there as both hemispheres of your brain balance.

How do the bowls work with the chakras in the body?

This is really quite special. Each bowl is attuned to a specific note and therefore emits a particular vibration or frequency. These powerful vibrations can manipulate the energy flow in the body – the chakras – to help shift any emotional blockages and are particularly effective when used in harmony with meditation. 

The chakras represent the seven main energy fields in the body and they run from the bottom of the spine up through your belly, solar plexus, chest, throat, the area between your eyebrows and the top of your head. When they are aligned, our breath and energy can flow freely. However, when one of the chakras slows down we feel out of alignment and start saying things like “I feel stuck”, “Things aren’t flowing for me”, “I feel blocked” and so on. That can be because we are holding onto emotions or a situation that has been challenging us.

If, for example, we want to ensure that there is harmony between everything we are doing and how much we are resting, at Sacre Sound Baths we would call upon our crystal-infused Smoky Bowl which emits the note ‘G sharp’. It’s the perfect partner for the throat chakra, which is the energy we harness to balance how much we speak with how much we listen. Combining chakra healing meditation with the therapeutic effects of a sound bath is a powerful way to realign your energy flow and navigate any emotional challenges you may be facing, and it’s just one of the types of sound bath you can experience at Sacre Sound Baths

What can I expect from a Sacre Sound Bath?

Our sound baths are typically held on a new or full moon and are friendly, welcoming events. Whether you’re new to the healing and restorative powers of sound baths or are looking for a different tribe, we’d love to hear from you. Click here to learn more about our sound healer Kevin Sacre and find out about our next events.

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