Celebrating 5 Years at Unplug Meditation Studios!

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Five years ago, on a bright and sunny day in L.A, I walked into Unplug meditation studios and I knew I’d come home. My husband Kevin and I had been living in the States for a year or so, and I’d been thinking about where best to run my meditation classes from. At around the same time I was also putting together my column for a fitness magazine in the UK about cool wellbeing trends and a friend told me about Unplug. She suggested I take a look around. When I eventually did and walked through the door, I immediately got this feeling that I could never leave. I thought to myself ‘I belong here, I feel like I’ve come home!’

That evening, I said to Kevin, ‘I have to run my meditation classes from there, I just have to!’ But the stars took a little while to align and I was busy setting up my coaching business. Unplug’s CEO and founder, Suze Yaloff Schwartz, invited me – in true L.A style – to audition for the job. Audition for it! How very Hollywood. Then a few weeks later I got a call from Suze saying she’d just fired herself from teaching to hire me. I took over her class and the rest, as they say, is history.

That feeling of coming home never went away and walking through the door of Unplug for the very first time was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. The studios have been such a huge part of my life in L.A – many meditations, visualisations and coaching sessions have taken place here, and I celebrated the launch of my books Reinvent Me and It’s Not You, It’s Me here too. I’ve made so many wonderful new friends and clients, I really love being a part of the Unplug tribe. Since that first class, my journey at Unplug has been constantly evolving and I’ve run many workshops, hypnosis classes, meditations and corporate goal setting events over the years. I’ve also been honoured to have worked with a number of big brands, including YouTube, HULU, Porsche and Paramount Studios.

It all began with one visit that snowballed into many incredible opportunities and experiences. That’s the power of taking action, right? If you’re thinking about taking that first step and would like to be a part of our tribe, I’d love you to join me at my classes on Tuesdays at 9pm (PST) and Saturdays at 11:30am (PST) for chakra, crystal and reiki healing.

And I have a special gift for you too. I’m thrilled to reveal that to celebrate my five years teaching meditation at these wonderful studios, Unplug is offering 25% off a monthly or annual subscription to the Unplug app using the code CAMILLAVIP. Simply sign up, check the schedule of classes and join in!

Unplug constantly reminds me that we should follow our intuition and never underestimate one step of action – you never know where it could take you! 

* Please note, the code can only be applied online at www.unplug.app and not directly through the mobile app. 


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