What To Do When You’re Experiencing Info Overload

With more time on our hands for the vast majority of us and virus news being pumped out from every channel, platform and page, it’s no wonder our brains might be feeling frazzled right now. A combination of constantly-streaming information in our newspapers, on TV, online and even from well-intentioned friends and family can not only be confusing, but can also send our anxiety levels soaring.

In the feature, What To Do When You’re Experiencing Covid-19 Information Overload for In The Moment magazine, Camilla unveils different techniques to manage the intel we’re exposed to and in turn create a calmer mindset. Read the article and discover:

  • Mindful tips for staying sensibly informed
  • Anxiety-busting advice
  • Calming breathing techniques
  • Boundary-setting tools

Read What To Do When You’re Experiencing Covid-19 Information Overload in full here.


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