The Face Yoga Expert Podcast with Danielle Collins

Calling all those wanting to create positive changes in their lives! In a frank and open discussion with the brilliant Danielle Collins for The Face Yoga Expert Podcast, Camilla talks about how to get motivated to move towards a life you really want to be living and take a leap of faith! Plus, she shares wellbeing and skincare advice anyone can follow. Click now to listen.

In this episode:

  • Daily meditations for busy lives
  • Stress-busting self care techniques
  • My 10-second ritual for a happier day 

Meet the maker:

Danielle Collins is a world-leading face yoga expert with 15 years’ experience teaching to millions worldwide. As the creator of The Danielle Collins Face Yoga Method, combining ancient Eastern medicine techniques and modern science, the method is proven to make you look three years younger in just 20 weeks. A further study found participants’ skin to look one year younger in one month. Her accredited Face Yoga teacher training courses are available around the world.



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