How to love your body with Mie Moltke #17

Divine Feminine,  Eating disorders and being in competition with ourselves is all part of what we discussed as I sat down with Mie Moltke and she spoke straight from the heart about her own challenges with body image earlier in her life. Mie is a former successful professional dancer and for many, she is known for Dancing with the stars in Denmark (Vild med Dans), in which she has been involved in since 2005. Now as an Author, coach and speaker Mie inspirers others through her FEMININE FLOW classes to fall in love with their bodies, she lives and breathes for movement, self-development and for joy, with a great curiosity for the divine feminine. She is teaching, inspiring and talking about how the body is a participant in all aspects of our lives – on the physical, mental and the soul and how you can move from hating your body to loving your body.

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