Vision Board making workshop


Vision Board Making workshop

come and visualise your dreams and goal set with Camilla

Friday 2nd August

Unplug Meditation WEHO


Join Camilla this Friday at Unplug meditation West Hollywood and get creative! Visualise your goals in the guided visualisation led by Camilla and create your own vision board!
In Camilla’s books and workshops she talks about how powerful Vision boards have been in her own career and her clients and how it’s been a vital tool to manifest their goals. 
Visualisation has been a powerful tool used by athletes for years including one of the most succesful skiers in history Lyndsey Vonn who told mindbodygreen that she would visualise her race many times before running it. It’s not only athletes who have talked about visulisation, many actors and people who are successful in their field.
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Camilla says, “something incredible happens in the brain when we use our minds to visualize. Once you gain clarity on your goals and aspirations, your brain will subconsciously scan for opportunities to turn your visions into realities. Vision boarding, strengthened by meditation, is one of the most powerful tools I know to consciously craft your future”

Join Camilla for an evening of creative reflection and conscious connection.


Supplies are provided! Spaces is limited so you have plenty of room to create.

Unplug Meditation, 8500 Melrose Ave, West Hollywood
FRI, 8/2 | 7:15pm-8:30pm | $35




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