Dreams do come true!!! In 2008 when I left Strictly Come Dancing to pursue a new career as a Life coach, Hypnotherapist and Motivational speaker, I also once again created a vision board of my goals and dreams (I talk about vision boards and their powerful effect in both my books). On the vision board I put “judge on Strictly Come Dancing (DWTS)” and added a photo reminding me of what that would look and feel like once it was achieved. In 2015 I became the judge on the Strictly Come Dancing tour which was close but not quite the show yet.  When I left Strictly Come Dancing after winning the show it was not that I wanted to leave the show but more that I wanted to retire from dancing and pursue my dream of becoming a transformational life coach, helping other people achieve their goals. However 10years on from making that vision board, this year, I was asked to be the head Judge on Dancing with the stars in New Zealand, a country so dear to my heart and life coming full circle. Having been a New Zealand champion it was so magical to go back to NZ in this way and work on a show so special to me. I have been self-employed since 2000 and it hasn’t always been easy, as with any business there are ebbs and flows, but it has however always felt right because I got to choose how I plan my working schedule and what I say yes to and no to. Throughout my career it has been vital to me to say yes to the things I’m passionate about, that ignite the fire in my belly. I found that choosing what feels right would ultimately lead to making a living and it felt better than putting making money as the main focus but instead a bi product of doing what I love and believing that abundance will then flow in ever area of my life and career.

I believe it’s important as a Life coach to walk the walk, to be able to support and inspire my clients to show them that with actions and belief it’s possible to achieve what you dream of. I’m constantly putting myself out of my comfort zone, to learn and evolve as a human and I love sharing the tools that has helped me and still supports me in my life and career, to go for things that at first seems unreachable. Using helpful mind tools have helped me in so many ways incl writing two books (about to embark on my third) and this year fulfilling my goal of being head judge on DWTS NZ. All whilst running my coaching, hypnosis and mediation business. Magical things happen when we stop waiting to be saved or to be fully ready, to know enough, to feel less fearful or to feel motivated and simply START. If you needed a reminder that things are possible when we work towards them, taking little steps every day, then consider this your reminder to stop waiting for the right time and just start!!!

This journey was made even more special for me because I got to share the stage, or the desk I shall say, with one of my clients Julz Tocker. Earlier this year Julz shared with the press in New Zealand  how he has worked with me on his goal setting that magically aligned both our journeys to end up here together.

If I can do it you can too! If you need someone to keep you accountable and to help you I’m here. Email me info@zenme.tv for more info about how to work, on your goals, with me on a one to one basis online or in person in LA.


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