Why positive affirmations work

This post is dedicated to the inspiring Louise Hay who transitioned yesterday at the age of 90. Thank you for your inspiration, light and encouraging words you shared throughout your life. Louise had a huge impact on my life and work, using positive affirmations in my work was one of them. I will always remember listening to her speak in London, just before she retired from speaking, she was explaining how powerful it can be to look in the mirror and say positive affirmations to ourselves, like “I love and accept myself fully” and ” I am enough”, every day, then someone in the audience put their hand up and said “but what if we don’t believe it”. She told the person not to worry but keep saying it until one day you will believe it! Thank you for showing us all how to heal from within through your work and showing us what it means to shine your light brightly in the world! Your legacy will live on. Rip Louise Hay

We are constantly using affirmations in our lives, however often in a negative manner, using words in a way that puts us down rather than building us up. Like for example. I don’t like xyz about myself or I’m not enough or I’m alone and not loved and so on.

Changing these affirmations in our lives to positive ones can be very powerful.  A simply but effective one that Louise often used to talk about in her work was the sentence “I’m not enough”, she would encourage everyone to switch it to “I am enough” and “I am loved” and “I am whole and beautiful” and so on.

My point on this is, we can as easily choose to say either the sentence that heals us or the one that harms us so why not choose to affirm what is going to heal us and make us feel better and more supported from within.

And remember, these wise words of Louise Hay “Every word we speak and every word we think is creating our future”

If you haven’t yet read “You can heal you life” I urge you to do so. It’s one of my favorite books by Louise Hay which has been a staple in my suitcase and on my bookshelf for many many years. The book talks about how

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