Are you having a relationship with your phone?

Are you having a relationship with your phone?
And does it affect your sleep? Your relationship with your partner & friends?
I’m going to be honest with you….that used to be me, until my husband decided to lock my phone in the safe on our honeymoon 7 years ago. Yep, that was the first time I realised how bliss it was to actually UNPLUG fully. And I have made a ritual of it ever since.
So, here are my 3 tips of how to get some Zen time with your loved ones and yourself.
1. Imagine your phone is a work colleague (one you like & respect not one you fancy), would you bring your work colleague to bed with you and ask them to sleep next to you? NOPE! So leave your phone outside in another room or at least somewhere in the bedroom where you have to get up to get to it. Creating boundaries between the phone and special “me time” is key! You don’t want to be available for your colleague always do you?
2. Put the phone down at least 30min if not 1hr before going to sleep. Just the way you say bye to colleagues and head home.
Once you put it down acknowledge that now it’s time for you. Allowing the mind and body to slowly wind down away from the phone and social media helps you prepare for a good nights rest. It allows you to feel the difference between being plugged in and unplugged. RESIST having one last look at your phone before sleeping as that one last look could be an email or text that would get you wide awake immediately. And then you have to start all over again!
Technology is awesome however we do have to be a little more aware of setting boundaries, with our phones always on we are seemingly always available otherwise.
3. Put your phone on silent. (Just like Shsss workmates I’ll see you tomr) I can’t even believe that there was a time in my life when I was travelling in different time zones and I would have my phone on and actually answer my phone in the middle of the night, but there was. These days it’s on silent and I could not imagine it any other way. One little beep and you can be wide awake, FYI this is not self-care…. however putting it on silent is saying to yourself I deserve this time to rest and rejuvenate.
I rule my life and my phone!
Camilla xoxo


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