You don’t have to walk alone! Join us on the Zenme mindful community hike

NEW date 20th MAY 2017 9am for our 3rd community walk. You don’t have to walk alone, you can walk with us and it’s FREE!

One of my New Year resolutions for Zenme was to create a mindful community and it’s starting this week. One where we would exercise, practice mindfulness and meditation and at the same time create a mindful community together.


I have committed to 12 mindfulness walks this year, I’m so excited and the third one will be…

Saturday 20th May 2017 9am at Fryman Canyon, Los Angeles. 

So if you want to join our Zenme community, then all you have do is turn up on the day, bring a friend if you like or just yourself. We will practice mindfulness as we walk, meditation and of course celebrate the feeling of community!

Creating this is so important to me because of a couple of reasons. Exercise has been a big part of my life and the one think I have always loved is to walk and talk. I often use this way of communicating in my business when I’m coaching and equally when I’m catching up with friends and family, it’s such a great way to hang out and to get clarity. Something profound happens when we unplug from our daily routine, move and connect with nature. The other thing is that, over the holidays, I was aware of people sitting on their own wishing they had somewhere to go, some even highlighted to me how it can be tricky sometimes to meet new friends, this confirmed once again to me, that I had to make this happen!


Date & Time: Saturday 2oth May 2017, 9am-11am
Where: Fryman Canyon, Betty B Dearing Trail. We will meet by the entrance of the carpark on the corner of Fryman Rd and Laurel Canyon Blvd. Carpark address is
3453 Fryman Road, Studio City, CALIFORNIA 91604

Please leave plenty of time for parking or use street parking where available as it gets busy at the weekends.

Facebook event 

What to wear

Wear something comfortable for waking and meditating and bring water. We will be practising mindfulness as we walk up, meditate at the top and then enjoying the sense of community as we walk down. It will be at a relaxing pace to make it possible for all ages. (16 and over unless with a parent)

It is my wish for this initiative to inspire people all around the world to do this in their local neighbourhoods too. With all of us spending so many hours a day stressed, on our computers and phones not really connecting with each other in person, there is a real pull towards and need for communities where you feel safe, heard and noticed. I want people to know that they have the power within to make a difference in this world, whether that’s inspiring 5 people to walk with them or 200 people.

If this has inspired you to create Zenme walks in your area, please get in contact on Facebook or via email, would love to help you get started. And of course to hear and share your wonderful moments from the communities that you create. Let’s get fit and mindful together!

May these walks serve and may they bring us lots of laughter, happiness and joy.

Camilla xoxo


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