Why Positive Psychology is one of the cool kids now – and why it’s here to stay

I reached out to my friend, fellow author and Positive Psychologist Niyc Pidegeon, to ask her to shine the light on the new trend “Positive psychology” in this guest blog. Niyc and I have shared some wonderful conversations on our hikes in LA and I thought I would extend them to this blog. This summer both our books will launch in the same month which we are both very excited about, but in the meantime I’ll leave you with this lovely blog from Niyc.

At the turn of the century you would be hard pressed to find somebody who could tell you what positive psychology was.


(Even Oprah has her own positive psychologist too…)

PosPsych, as we like to call it, is the science of happiness, and how individuals, businesses, and communities can thrive.

We look at what goes right with people and our world, which is a really refreshing thing.

In amongst the media tirade of politics, war, and crime, pospsych has been growing steadily in both popularity and presence…

And you can now find articles and shows about happiness wherever you go.

I’ve worked within the field for almost a decade now, and I love the way confused faces and blank stares have been replaced with comments like;

“Oh you’re a positive psychologist! I LOVE positive psychology!”

Happiness is cool now and it’s definitely something worth investing your time, intention, and energy within.

I want to share three of my favourite happiness hacks with you, so you can take them away and start seeing changes within yourself, your mindset, and your day.

Happiness Hack #1 – Find That WOW Factor

Take a moment to consciously raise your awareness and be present in the awesome world we live in. Notice and appreciate something that allows you to feel that sense of awe and wonder.

I like to set an alarm on my phone to remind me to tune in, look up, and find that something to appreciate. It might be something amazing in nature, a moment of eye contact between two people, or a quality you notice in someone that you hold space for.

Appreciating the beauty and excellence around you gives you that little surge of positive emotions and carries you through your day in a really happy way.

Happiness Hack #2 – Move Your Body

Get your body moving! We know that physical activity improves your physical health… but it also improves your mental health too. When you move your body you move your mood!

Exercising in the morning always sets me up for an awesome day ahead, and the added bonus is when you feel good, you’re also more productive too.

Start by finding a workout that you love – whether that is yoga, or spin class or taking a simple walk outdoors (OR… having a crazy dance party in your kitchen). The important part is you’re moving your body, increasing your self esteem and getting those good vibes going too.

Happiness Hack #3 – Say Thank You!

Gratitude is one of the character strengths we all have within us, it’s a fulfilling emotion and it makes you feel goooooooood! It also actually changes your brain – gratitude both increases wellbeing, as well as alleviating depression.

What’s even better is the more you practice the better it gets, and the more able you are to experience the positive effects.

My day is bookended by gratitude – I wake up and my first thought is a grateful one. I then write out a page of gratitudes. I end my day by writing a done list of all of the things I’ve completed in my day, and what I’m thankful for. You can do this too…


We would love to hear how you are implementing these positive psychology happiness hacks into your life – feel free to reach out and let us know!


Niyc Pidgeon – Positive Psychologist MSc BSC CTLLS IPPA & Hay House Author

As a Positive Psychologist and Success Coach, Niyc is now on a mission to help a million women change their lives using Positive Psychology by the year 2020. She recently won Young Entrepreneur of the Year in the UK, is currently living in Los Angeles, and travels the world speaking, coaching, and helping women to overcome self doubt, and live their lives of joy, personal power, and unstoppable success.


Her book is out this summer and you can order your copy here NOW IS YOUR CHANCE


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