Interview with Inspire-Aspire

Our founder Camilla chatted with Sarah Comer of Inspire-Aspire about how she went from professional dancer to finding her life purpose in becoming a life coach/hypnotherapist, the challenges she faced along the way, how she knew she was on the right path, and so much more incredible insight and advice on how to transform your life and career. Hit play on the video above to get inspired! 

Inspire-Aspire is a site dedicated to supporting a female-led career revolution. Sarah, the creator of the website has compiled many amazing interviews with inspirational women who are using their careers to change the world. From interviews with yogis, to meditation instructors to past life regressionists, there’s so much knowledge to be found here! Thank you Sarah for interviewing our girl Camilla, and for bringing encouragement to us all through Inspire-Aspire!



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