Workshop: How to forgive and set yourself free

Feeling stuck or exhausted? Are you resisting forgiving someone and  holding onto the bitterness, frustration and anger? Or the sadness and hurt? 

If you want helpful tools that can help you forgive and let go then join the workshop this Saturday.

Workshop: Forgive and set yourself free

Location: The Den Meditation, S La Brea 90036

Date: 4th March 


Having a hard time forgiving someone for what they have done? In this workshop we will discuss the difference between forgiving someone for their actions vs actually agreeing with them. We will invite in a new perspective and ask ourselves the very important question “what am I gaining, holding on to this?” Giving yourself an opportunity to forgive and let go.

When we resist forgiveness and instead choose to stay stuck and angry, we act from a place that lacks love, rather than a place of abundance. We often blame others for our misfortune  and feel sorry for ourselves. This can make us feel unhappy, sad and drained. Camilla believes that every day we carry past hurt, anger and sadness into the present moment, is another day we deny ourselves the chance to choose love and live our lives to the fullest potential. Through this workshop Camilla will share the tools she used after a heart break of her own, and that she continues to us with her clients daily, which helps you to forgive and set yourself free.

If you are done feeling sad or angry and you are ready to start loving yourself a little bit more, then this is the workshop for you.

This workshop will include guided visualization meditation, hypnosis and NLP.


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