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Ever been curious about how the full moon affects you? Me too!

That’s exactly why I decided to ask my lovely colleague Dannielle Beinstein to answer some of burning questions and shine the light on why we may feel a little off when it’s Full Moon. I’m so grateful to Danielle for sharing her wisdom here on Zenme. Please read on for all her interesting insight below and tips about the full moon.

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Why do I feel funky when it’s full moon?

Full Moons occur when the Sun and Moon are 180 degrees apart. The gravitational pull of this has an effect, especially on, say for example, bodies of water. There is some anecdotal evidence that more crimes are committed and more people are admitted to the ER, but little scientific data to explain the correlation. That being said, we’re sensitive beings and the more sensitive we are, the more likely we are to tune into the cycles of the moon.

How does the full moon affect us?

Psychologically speaking, Full Moons tend to bring forward hidden aspects of our subconscious. Our lives are “lit up.” Emotions may run high.
Can you explain more about how each full moon is different from the next one and how that works with the horoscope.

A Full Moon highlights a polarity. There are 12 zodiac signs and 6 polarities. The moon takes 28.5 days to travel the zodiac, so we experience roughly one Full Moon per month when the Moon is opposite the Sun. So, for example, when the Sun is in Aries, the Full Moon will be in Libra. The following month, when the Sun is in Taurus, the Full Moon will be in Scorpio and so on. The level to which we are affected is dependent on the mathematical degrees and aspects of our own natal chart and how they relate to the specifics of any given lunation. This is why we may find ourselves more sensitive to certain Full Moons over others.
How can what we are going through in life be connected to the moon cycle?

Life is cyclical. We each experience our own personal astrological cycles, but aligning ourselves with the lunar calendar offers us an opportunity for greater insight and clarity. For examples, New Moons offer us an opportunity to plant seeds and set intentions and creating space around the Full Moon allows our psyche a chance to breathe through whatever may bubble up.
Some people struggle to sleep when it’s full moon, is this a coincidence?

Sometimes it’s just the light itself! The sky can be very very bright. I don’t think it’s a coincidence, no. I think it’s further evidence of what I wrote above.
How can we use the power of the full moon to our advantage?

We can’t always plan for what’s to come, but understanding the cycles of the moon can deepen our awareness and allow for greater flow. Full Moons are excellent times to journal, to release patterns of behavior and thought and to tune into our inner selves.
3 main things to know about a full moon

Each Full Moon carries a unique blend of energy, astrologically-speaking.
Each one, therefore, affects us differently, depending on our own natal chart.
But regardless, they offer us powerful moments to reflect and release.
What is the most helpful thing you can share about full moon

Tune into your intuition and take note of how you feel throughout the lunar cycle. You’ll likely notice more activity and heightened emotionality (either internally or from those around you) during a Full Moon

Some people cleanse their crystals and set new intention at full moon, any other tips?

Write and burn! Take a stack of paper and just start writing. Doesn’t have to make sense or be legible, the point is to release stuck energy. Write for 5, 10, 20 minutes. Let it all flow. No judgment. Do not reread it. And then, when you’re done, either rip it up or burn it. Let it go.


This article as written by Danielle Beinstein

Danielle Beinstein, MA, is a Spiritual Advisor, Astrological Counselor, Writer, Meditation Guide (she teaches at Unplug Meditation in LA) and the co-founder and co-facilitator of The New Moon Circle, a monthly intention setting circle held in Venice, CA. Born and raised in NYC (and an NYU graduate), she offers a unique blend of East and West coast sensibility, providing her clients with intuitive and pragmatic guidance as they navigate their life’s journey. She graduated from University of Santa Monica’s Masters program in Spiritual Psychology in 2012 and followed with an additional year in Consciousness, Health and Healing in 2014. You can follow along with her on her website.

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