Step outside your comfort zone

It’s easy to blame everything and everybody around us for things not going right but from my experience, by taking responsibility for our own actions and acknowledging that our minds are in fact powerful, we can turn situations around and create the outcome we desire. Often we create limited beliefs in the forrn of negative self-talk simply because we fear change or failure. So, I thought I would share this awesome tool, to help you break down those barriers simply by changing these limited beliefs into positive affirmation, which will help you move forward towards your goals.

For example.
When you think about your goal do you also sometimes think “I don’t deserve to be truly successful” so it probably wont happen? If that’s the case, try instead writing down on a piece of paper “I deserve to be successful” and then list as many reasons you can think of why you deserve it, like for example, I deserve to be successful because I am a hard working, kind person, I am skilful and I am passionate about what I do and so on. By using a positive sentence instead of the negative one, you remove the obstacles created by yourself which have been standing in your way of you achieving your goals.

Sometimes we can get sidetracked and go down the track of “I’ll be happy when” this is quite common but a never ending road which will just keep going and the question is will you really be happy when you get that new car, that new job or that new coat?
A long time ago I learnt that the best way to attract the things that we want is to start by being grateful for what we already have, it’s fine to visual what you want but still be grateful about everything that is going right in your life too and appreciate everything that you already have as this will attract more of it and help you feel happy now, as you switch your thinking from a Lack of to abundance.

Make a list of ten things you are grateful for right now.

Remember happiness after all is an inside job.

I want you to know
If you are staying put where you are because you have created the following belief “I’m not brave enough to take the next step, I should stay where I am as I know I am secure” It’s in your power to change it if you want to. All you have to do is to way up the pros and cons.

Write down on a piece of paper, what will happen if you stay and what will happen if you don’t. What would happen if you are not brave enough to make changes i.e. will that bring regrets later or make you unhappy and what will happen if you do have the courage. Once you have written it all down it’s easy to see what changes if any you will need to make for your future and happiness within.

I believe we all have great courage within when we are willing to realise our potential.

“If I risk it all, I might fail” That is true but have you considered that you may also gain if you succeed? I have personally spent most of my life outside of my comfort zone? I’m not saying that this is the only way, just that this was my way. And yes it has been scary at times and sometimes I have succeeded and sometimes I have failed but more than anything I have learnt and grown from every single challenge and hurdle I committed to overcome and I like to be able to say “at least I tried” rather than “I wish I’d given it a go”.

Stepping out of our comfort zone doesn’t have to be scary, we can instead choose right now for it to be exciting and fun.

It’s amazing, you know, what we are capable of with a few tools, action and courage.


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